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If addresses were human-readable, much of these types of losses could be prevented. If a user was transacting with a peer or depositing funds into a smart contract, they would be able to manually verify that the address of the counterparty was correct.

If we zoom out, the last period with weekly candles similar to the time of recording was back in September-October 2020, right before the monster rally from $10,000 to $40,000. Of course, we aren’t saying that it will happen again exactly like that, but it is possible.

This matters because as the price of ether falls further, the odds are rising that these debts will be liquidated, unleashing a fresh flood of ether onto the market, which will drive the price of ether down even further. Then, over the weekend, more bad news sent Ethereum tumbling well below $1000 amid speculation of another margin call liquidation. Most of the debts are on the money market Aave (152,098.98 ETH worth $166 million at the time of writing, but the rest is on Compound (14,316.90 ETH). According to Axios, over the last few days, btc crypto watchers have been captivated by two large linked wallets - positions which supposedly are owned by a major Chinese entrepreneur transacting on the app Meitu- that contain $181 million in ether (ETH). They also have collateral in loans that are right on the edge of solvency.

From a macro perspective, intraday volatility does not matter, since the chances of a massive sell-off that pushes BTC to 2017 levels are high. Bitcoin price is back to trading at its favorite psychological level and a level that it has traded at for the last month.

After dismissing the theory that Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto as a joke for a long time, we went and had a closer look at the arguments behind this rumor and, as this piece from Entrepeneur put it, the […] We know what you’re thinking: cryptocurrency this post can’t be serious. We think Elon Musk IS the real Satoshi.

Some examples include the DOTCOM bubble between 1999 and 2000, the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and most recently the COVID crash in 2020. Interestingly, the last few times this happened, massive recessions followed.

Information security expert, encryption software with interests in P2P networking, decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts and crypto based payment solutions. About the Author Published by Crypto Bill - Bill is a writer, geek, crypto-curious polyheurist, a dog's best friend and coffee addict.

It was initially booked in for May 5, 2018, on Cinco de Mayo weekend with both fighters claiming there would be no need for judges – they’re planning on winning by knockout. There was a lot of deliberation and negotiation over the organisation of the second match.

This ascending parallel channel-like structure is known as a flag. The consolidation that followed after this sell-off is the flag and is present in the form of higher lows and higher highs between January 14 and May 22.

Next, we examine the deteriorating situation in Pakistan and ask the question, "Is it the next Sri Lanka?" Lastly, we discuss the Taiwan/China situation and I read several important snippets, one from Chinese foriegn minister Wang Yi and the other from think tank expert Wang Wen. In this episode, Christian Keroles and I go through several charts, giving market updates on bitcoin, the dollar index (DXY) and Binance the Hong Kong dollar.

For instance, in the present day banking system, monetary authorities, namely the central banks, are free to print more money or remove money from the markets whenever they think some aspect of the economy needs a correction. As the term itself suggests, inflation is an increase in the supply of some value or product. In the case of currencies in general, we have monetary inflation, which is an increase in the money supply.

Some crypto casinos are ‘crypto-lite’, and just use cryptocurrencies for deposits, betting and withdrawals. As you can tell, we think that’s not a real crypto casino. Many of these casinos operate without a gaming licence and use cryptocurrencies because payment partners like Visa won’t work with them.

It’s important to make sure your account is secure so you can play without worry. Along with setting a strong password, you should set up 2-factor authentication on your Duelbits account so only you can verify a login.

Blockchain-native addresses are generated via hashing algorithms, and are thus non-human readable. Users rest easy knowing that their funds cannot be tampered by third parties, as long as both personal and network security are adequate. Under most circumstances, immutability is a much-cherished feature of blockchains. Not only does this create a suboptimal user experience when transacting, but the issue is exacerbated by the immutable nature of blockchains.

imageWhy are there so many cryptocurrencies? Why so many cryptocurrencies? Say you are a member of the Bitcoin development team and suddenly you convince yourself that […] Perhaps, the best way to answer this question is through a practical example. Are all of them as complex as Bitcoin? What’s behind this crypto diversity? Currently, the Crypto.BI cryptocurrency list has over 1993 entries.image

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