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Cointelli specializes in helping users reap the most crypto tax benefits possible while reporting their crypto taxes accurately. Doing them correctly often involves accurately reporting complex transactions across many crypto platforms. Cointelli is a cloud-based crypto tax preparation software solution that uses its unique technology to help individuals, businesses, and CPAs save more on crypto taxes . Crypto taxes aren’t easy to wrap your head around. Thus, having the right software can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting it right in a timely manner.

The value of the digital asset soared near $20,000, then settled back down below $15,000, and is up nearly 1,500% this year; Coinbase, the bitcoin brokerage, surpassed 13 million users and briefly became the No. The final months of 2017 brought all-out bitcoin mania. 1 smartphone app on the iOS App Store; and mainstream financial exchanges like CME, Cboe, and Nasdaq are all rushing into bitcoin futures trading.

Every single transaction done in bitcoin is recorded, permanently, on the bitcoin blockchain. (See the below video.) Think of the bitcoin blockchain as akin to the borrowing card inserted in the front of a library book, with all the borrowers listed. Bitcoin, the token, runs on the bitcoin blockchain, an immutable digital ledger.

Even when you buy a pizza and pay via crypto, it’s still a taxable event. That transaction becomes a taxable event. You are off to the store or the Mall, and you want to buy something and pay with some crypto credit card that allows you to pay with crypto coins.

The Balancer protocol is a bit different — most distinctly, btc it allows for liquidity pools with up to 8 tokens, with varying weights (Uniswap only allows 2 tokens with 50–50 weight). Built on the brand new Balancer V2 protocol, Acsi.Finance brings the first next-generation AMM to Binance Smart Chain. We are all familiar with the ubiquitous SushiSwap/Uniswap clones popping up every week on every EVM-compatible blockchain out there.

The Mike Tyson Mystery Box NFT sale on the Binance NFT platform begins on April 5, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC and runs until April 5, 2022, at 11:00 PM UTC. Once the primary sale concludes, the secondary market will open shortly after. Participants can collect five different designs:

However, these exchanges only know about the transactions that happen in their own systems. This is why it’s so important to have a crypto tax software solution that quickly and accurately aggregates all of this information in one place and processes it for you. Each significant exchange also has its own list of supported cryptocurrencies, which won’t necessarily match up with other lists. Many significant exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken send different tax forms to the IRS (for instance, Coinbase reports 1099-MISCs and Kraken reports additional kinds of 1099 forms).

However, you will receive a list of your trade history. Other exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase are more helpful and will handle the IRS forms for you. Do not expect Binance to do the hard work for you if you want to calculate your crypto taxes. Here, you can export up to three months of trade history at once.

The sale begins on April 5, 2022, at 11:00 UTC. Boxing legend Mike Tyson will introduce a Mystery Box NFT collection through Binance NFT , the NFT marketplace of Binance , the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange.

By @arehmanagha For the months of March and April, cryptocurrency ACryptoS continued to grow steadily in TVL and number of users. With an increasing number of platform users, there is also a need to offer more support on Telegram, and the ACryptoS community stepped in to make sure no question or…

AAVE and Curve are supposed to launch soon on Avalanche. The only native lending protocol in Avalanche is BENQi. However, its token price (Qi) has been staggering. These are trustworthy names in DeFi and are highly recommended for beginners.

Each tax event should be recorded on form 8949 and your net gain should be transferred onto your 1040 schedule D. You can do this by hand by exporting all of your trade history files from your exchanges and doing the capital gains and losses calculations for each trade.

5 months agoConsisting of three product lines: Premium Events, Mystery Box and a Marketplace. Now, Binance aims to build the first and largest GameFi NFT trading platform for gaming projects via IGO (Initial Game Offering) – featuring core in-game assets from top gaming projects.

Bitcoins can be bought, sold, or traded, like a commodity, or used as payment for hard goods, like a currency. For that reason, a more apt term for bitcoin right now is "digital asset" or "digital token." (See the above video.) Many people call bitcoin a "digital currency" or "cryptocurrency," but these days, no one is really using bitcoins to buy things. Instead, people are buying and holding bitcoins as a speculative investment.

3 days agoThe automated crypto tax calculators will cut down on the time-consuming task of historical references and cost basis calculations where even the slightest error generates serious ramifications. Many people are joining the crypto space but so do new automated solutions that can meet the rising need.

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